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Instant Pot IP-DUO60 7-in-1


Instant Pot IP-DUO60 6-in-1

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To call the Instant Pot® a kitchen ‘gadget’ is an injustice, it is a kitchen essential. It takes the best of multiple devices, improves upon their respective functions and saves 70% countertop space, 70% energy (very cool!) 70% effort (ok I cannot guarantee the last one…)
The instruction book is very clear and easy to understand, also comes with a small recipe booklet but it’s quite easy to adapt your own family favourites or stovetop pressure cooker ones.You really can set it and forget it.No amount of stars could cover this appliance!
Excellent! Anyone who ever cooks anything should get one of these. It cooks faster, better and easier than anything else. Or if you want to slow cook – it does that too.
Frank Mitchell
In 15 minutes my chicken soup was ready and it was delicious ! Just choose the vegetables you desire and put it in there, the instant pot does the rest for you. You don’t have to stand next to it and watch if the food is burnt, that’s the great thing with this pot you set it and you forget it! Easy to clean. 6 litres is the perfect size for me.Highly recommended!!
There are lots of recipes available on websites that make this a great package. One very important feature that some other pressure cookers do not have is the keep warm function, set it to cook and it will keep your food warm for up to 10 hours. If you have has a slow cooker you will know that they are not good for braising before cooking and the temperature control can be poor, you have no worries with this product.The item was dispatched promptly and tripled box for transit.. Highly recommended
Karl Bundy
This pot is just amazing. We use it for almost everything you can think of from making soup to making stew or rice.It is just amazing. I highly recommend it.
Ciufu Alexandru
It saves so much time, amazing! Something like stew, which usually takes hours to cook, takes less than an hour, soups are ready in 15 minutes and are so tasty!If you have a small kitchen, it’s a must to have it. Highly recommended!
I find the electric pressure cooker much more convenient than the stovetop counterpart where you have to adjust the heat to maintain the correct pressure – it’s really set, go, and don’t worry about it any more.
Having used this pot for about a week now, I’m constantly amazed by its versatility. Mashed potatoes in a few minutes, beautiful steamed vegetables, and really succulent meat. I find the sauté function really great as no need to use lots of pots and pans when preparing a stew or casserole. An added benefit over this rather hot weekend has been that the pot radiates very little heat so I haven’t got overheated in the kitchen. 5 stars for me.
E Elsom
For anyone who’s ever used a traditional pressure cooker, this will change your life for the better.Since getting this pressure cooker, we’ve made rice, porridge, chilis, soups, cooked beans from scratch. It is so easy to operate, just throw everything in it, press a button and you can safely walk away and attend to other business while your meal is being cooked.Loving the slow-cooking,delayed start and keep warm functions too. It’s very easy to clean too as the stainless steel inner pot goes in the dishwasher.
Emma Elsom
this instant pot goes beyond my expectations so easy and comfortable to use ,I bought it few days ago and i have cooked many different dishes already
O Asher
Best Pot Ever!! Would highly recommend.Cooked stew and potatoes the other day and the meat was so moist. Fabulous
Mrs M
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