In the UK we are launching the latest version of the successful US model. Below I am outlining some of the key features which I will expand over the next few days.

It has a Sauté/browning function with 3 different temperature settings, ranging from 105~170° C (221-338°F). You can use “Adjust” button to choose “Less” for low temperature, “More” for high temperature (close to olive oil smoking point) and “Normal” in between. Sauté is done with the lid opened. This function can also be used to thicken/reduce sauces after cooking.

Following the same line of reasoning, we added 3 temperature settings for “Slow Cook”, ranging 88-99°C (190-210°F), again adjustable with “Adjust” button. These correspond to low, normal and high temperature cooking in common slow cookers.

We also extended the manual cooking time to 120 minutes to cook tough dry food in one cooking cycle.