Tofu Scramble

Air Fryer Tofu Scramble

Course Breakfast, Lunch
Cuisine Modern


  • Vortex Air Fryer


  • 280 g extra firm tofu pressed
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 2 tbsp paprika
  • salt & pepper


  • Press the tofu before you begin, by wrapping the block in paper towels and putting a heavy dish or book on top. Leave these for at least 30mins if not longer to get as much liquid out the tofu as possible.
  • Once pressed, using a fork, mash the tofu into a scramble then season with the paprika and salt & pepper.
  • Oil the dish and then pour the tofu scramble mix into the dish. Try to arrange the tofu in a single layer if possible.
  • Select the Air Fry function on the Vortex and programme the temperature to 164°C and the time to 15 minutes. Once at temperature, place the dish of tofu into the tray.
  • After 5minutes, open the tray and use a spoon to give the tofu scramble a little mix, flipping it all over, then do this again another 5minutes later.
  • Depending on how close to a single layer the tofu is in the dish will depend how much of the final 5minutes you will need to get all the tofu cooked. (e.g. if you are using a small dish and the tofu is heaped inside, or if you are using a larger dish and the tofu is a single layer) Keep checking the dish every 2minutes giving it a stir until all the scramble is cooked, browned and a little crispy.


Serving suggestion: With mashed avocado on toast
Keyword Air Fryer, vegan, vegetarian