An ‘egg’stra special collection of recipes for Easter weekend. We’ve got ALL the egg recipes you need for some ‘egg’cellent Instant Pot and Air Fryer dishes…

Did you know you could make Soft Boiled Eggs in your Instant Pot?

Air Fryer Soft boiled eggs

And in your Air Fryer too!

Air Fryer Scotch Eggs Recipe

Not a fan of runny yolks… how about Scotch Eggs instead?

Eggs en cocette

Want a fancier Easter Brunch? Try Eggs en Cocotte…

Bacon and Egg Air Fryer Breakfast Pastries

Or how about Air Fryer Egg and Bacon Pastries?

Broccoli-Cheddar Egg Muffins Recipe

Something more bite-sized? Look no further than Egg & Broccoli Muffins!

Something sweet for an Easter treat? 

creme egg brownie

You can’t go wrong with gooey Creme Egg Brownies…

Carrot Cake

Or perhaps Mini Egg Carrot Cake is more your thing… (cos carrots aren’t just for bunnies!)

creme egg lava cake

But if your feeling ‘egg’stra indulgent, try these Creme Egg Lava Cakes!

And how about decorative Easter eggs!?

Easter eggs

Need some hard boiled eggs for painting? Use your Instant Pot. Cook multiple eggs in one go using the 6-6-6 timing – 6 minutes at high pressure, 6 minutes natural pressure release (followed by a quick release), and 6 minutes in an ice bath to cool the eggs down. Then paint how you like!