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How to take the perfect food photography

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You have nailed your cooking technique (thanks to your Instant Pot or Vortex Air Fryer) and your meals are deliciously fool proof… you are an #InstantChefAtHome!

It’s time to take your culinary skills to the next level and enrol in Instant Chef Photo School’ so you can photograph your home cooking creations beautifully, for the chance to become one of our featured chefs, or even win our Instant Pot Technical Challenge!

Take a read of these photography tips to master that finished recipe snap –

  1. Lighting, lighting, lighting!

Artificial light is the enemy here, and natural daylight is your best friend!  Avoid shooting

Are you up for the Instant Pot Technical Challenge?

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Do you have an Instant Pot and can follow a recipe? Want the chance to win a £150 Amazon Voucher + our newest Instant Brands Product? Then this challenge is for you! 

How to take part:

STEP 1: Choose a recipe from the Technical Challenge Menu.

Step 2: Follow the instructions (below) to create your chosen recipe.

Step 3: Photograph your finished dish! Take a read of these tips for ‘How to take the perfect food photography’

Step 4: Post your photographed recipe

An Easter Recipe ‘Eggs’travaganza!

2021-04-01T16:30:09+01:00Categories: Instant Pot Blog, Recipes|Tags: , |

An ‘egg’stra special collection of recipes for Easter weekend. We’ve got ALL the egg recipes you need for some ‘egg’cellent Instant Pot and Air Fryer dishes…

Did you know you could make Soft Boiled Eggs in your Instant Pot?

And in your Air Fryer too!

Not a fan of runny yolks… how about Scotch Eggs instead?

Want a fancier Easter Brunch? Try Eggs en Cocotte…

Or how about Air Fryer Egg and Bacon Pastries?


New Instant Pot ‘Al Fresco’ Solar Tray

2021-04-01T08:58:55+01:00Categories: News & Updates|Tags: |

Don’t leave your Instant Pot in the kitchen as the warmer weather arrives, take it outside and use our brand new Al Fresco solar panel tray to power it.

Simply place the Instant Pot Al Fresco Solar Tray on top of the lid, select your program, time & temperature as normal and let your Instant Pot do the work for you. No power cord required, so whether you are hosting in the garden, or heading out for a picnic, your Instant Pot can now come with you…..


or maybe not.


Happy April Fools!

How Instant Pot fits into the lifestyle of an athlete

2021-03-31T16:29:24+01:00Categories: Guest Bloggers|Tags: |

Hi everyone, I am Sam Brand, a Professional Cyclist living with type 1 diabetes. I race for Team Novo Nordisk, the world’s first all diabetic professional cycling team! To me the purpose of what I do goes beyond the wins and podiums; the result is also defined by the changes in the lives of my teammates and I, whilst showing what is possible with diabetes. I work every day in the hope of making one more person affected by diabetes, smile more, hope more and dream bigger. Diabetes doesn’t define me, but what I do with it does.

My sporting

#SpringCleaning your Instant Appliances

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Hello first day of Spring!

Today (20th March) marks the Spring Equinox – the day when the sun crosses the equator and begins heading North to start warming up the UK… yes! Finally, we can start to say goodbye to the cold, darker weather, and look forward to brighter, spring days ahead. Three cheers to that!

Fun fact: According to Folklore, you can stand a raw egg on its end on the equinox…. We’re not sure if this is true or not, but if you’re getting eggs out the cupboard, then why not give this recipe a try.

With the start

Eat Yourself Healthy With A Whole Day of Instant Pot Recipes

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If you’re looking for an easy way to cook quick and healthy meals, the Instant Pot Multi Pressure Cooker is for you. This remarkable kitchen appliance is America’s most-loved multi cooker, and one of the best-selling small kitchen appliances in the world. It has grown a global community of home cooks and food lovers, whose passion for the Instant Pot has inspired countless recipes, books, and online forums. It now spans dozens of models, with new functions and uses constantly in development. The Instant Pot simplifies the joys of home cooking, promotes healthy lifestyles, and gives you more time to

Chinese New Year Recipe eBook

2021-03-16T14:46:03+00:00Categories: Recipe eBooks|Tags: , |

As Chinese New Year approaches, it is the perfect excuse for our next Instant Brands eBook!

After last year’s turbulent Year of the Rat, the force of which was a hard and active yang, and known for “changing all the time,” (a good summary of the coronavirus pandemic!?) we are welcoming 2021 and the Year of the Ox with open arms. According to the The Japan Times, this Ox zodiac denotes hard work, positivity, and honesty; representing stability and nourishment, which is believed to bring great synergy – we’ll take some of that!

This year, Chinese New Year is celebrated from February

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