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Chinese New Year Recipe eBook

2021-02-18T14:22:08+00:00Categories: Instant Pot Blog|

As Chinese New Year approaches, it is the perfect excuse for our next Instant Brands eBook!

After last year’s turbulent Year of the Rat, the force of which was a hard and active yang, and known for “changing all the time,” (a good summary of the coronavirus pandemic!?)

Learn the Instant Pot Lingo!

2021-02-05T13:19:42+00:00Categories: Instant Pot Blog|

As your Instant Pot becomes your new culinary BFF, it’s only a matter of time before you take to the internet for a quick google search of “instant pot recipes” to see it brings up millions of results… 259,000,000 to be precise [correct as of 12th January

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