This help video offers a comprehensive review of how to use Instant Pot as a pressure cooker. Pressure cooking with Instant Pot is simply picking the right function based on the type of food and setting an appropriate cooking time. We cover the following functions: “Soup”, “Poultry” “Mean/Stew”, “Bean/Chili”, “Rice”, “Multigrain”, “Congee” please note this is now “Porridge” and “Manual”.

This is a walkthrough of steps using your Instant Pot as a slow cooker. The IP-LUX series has 3 temperature setting corresponding to the Low, Medium and High in a common slow cooker.

This video shows you how to use the Sauté function on Instant Pot IP-LUX series. IP-LUX has three temperature settings, selected by the “Adjust” button.

  • Normal mode: 160~176°C or 320~349°F;
  • More mode: 175~210°C or 347~410°F;
  • Less mode: 135~150°C or 275~302°F)

Pressure steaming is fast and preserves the nutrients as well as the colour of food. For vegetables and sea food, we recommend using quick release to avoid over-cooking food.

In this video you will learn about all the different aspects and features of your Instant Pot (both IP-LUX and IP-CSG series). It covers the basic use and maintenance of your Instant Pot for trouble free and enjoyable pressure cooking.

You are also encouraged to watch the three more in-depth videos about Steam Release Handle, Float Valve and Sealing Ring.

This video explains the use and maintenance of the Steam Release Handle on Instant Pot IP-LUX. The Steam Release Handle is a safety device to ensure the pressure in the cooker being under the safety limit of 15.22psi at all time.

Before every cooking session, please make sure the steam release handle is free from any food debris.

This video explains the use and maintenance of the float valve on Instant Pot IP-LUX series. The float valve is a safety feature to lock the lid when there’s pressure in the cooker.

Before every cooking session, please make sure the float valve is clean and can move up and down smoothly.

This video explains the use and maintenance of the Sealing Ring on Instant Pot IP-LUX series. The Sealing Ring is a device to seal the gap between the lid and the inner pot under pressure.

Before every cooking session, please make sure the sealing ring is properly positioned to avoid steam leakage during pressure cooking.

This video helps you to find out why your Instant Pot sometimes leaks steam. When Instant Pot is pressurising at the beginning, there is small amount of steam coming out of the float valve, until the float valve pops up and seals the cooker. This is perfectly normal. There are other situations of steam leaking due to mis-positioning of sealing ring, sticky float valve and unclean steam release handle. Please watch the video to find out how to fix those issues by yourself.

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