Instant Pot has the advantages of pressure cooking, which cooks flavourful and nutritious meals, softens the food and retains vitamins/minerals. But thanks to its micro-processor controlled cooking cycles, meals are made in a consistent fashion.

Trapping Flavour in Food

Instant Pot Lock In NutritrionInstant Pot cooks nutritious meals in a fully sealed environment. Nutrients and aroma stay in the ingredients instead of being dispersed around the home. The original juices of fish, meat (e.g. chicken), and fruits remain within the food.

Retaining Vitamins & Minerals

When steaming with Instant Pot, you don’t need to put large amount of water. Enough water to

keep the pressure cooker filled with steam is sufficient. Because of this, vitamins and minerals are not leached or dissolved away by water. Since steam surrounds the food, foods are not oxidised by air exposure at heat, so asparagus, broccoli, and other green vegetables retain their bright green colours and phytochemicals.

Tender & Tasty Meal

Instant Pot Healthy and Nutritious MealsMeat and Joints can be cooked until tender in Instant Pot. After cooking in Instant Pot, the bones on pork ribs are completed separated from the meat and become chewable, allowing calcium and other minerals to be easily absorbed.

Under pressure cooking, whole grain and bean based meals are also softer in texture and taste better than cooked by other methods.


Consistent Results

Another important features is that Instant Pot cooks nutritious meals with remarkable consistency. During pressure cooking, heat is very evenly, deeply, and quickly distributed. The Instant Pot’s intelligent programming ensures cooking is consistent regardless the volume of water and the amount of food. This is an unmatched advantage with programmable electric pressure cookers over traditional stove top models.