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The smart cooking appliance Instant Pot is designed with the objective to make cooking more enjoyable and less laborious. At Instant Pot Company, we plan to release a new design every 12~18 month. We are constantly seeking new ideas that could make Instant Pot more convenient and useful to the life style of North Americans and Europeans.

If you have any suggestion and request, please comment on this page. If your new features are incorporated, we’ll send you a free product.

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Instant Pot Duo Now On Sale

The best-selling model from the US the Duo is now on sale in the UK in 220v format suitable for UK and Eu markets.

The Duo is a 7 in 1 machine that features 2 pressure cooking levels and a yoghurt making function.

Initially it is available via Amazon UK


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November 11th, 2014|0 Comments

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