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Instant Pot Lux Electric Pressure Cooker Sauté Function

One of the great features of the Instant Pot electric pressure cookers is the versatility and multi functionality of them. One of the most used functions and a relatively new advance with electric pressure cookers is the sauté function.

Sautéing is a method of cooking food with a small amount of oil or fat at relatively high heat. Food that is sautéed is browned while preserving its texture, moisture and flavour. A typical use of sautéing is to brown or sear meat and perhaps vegetables before pressure cooking or slow cooking.

The new Instant Pot IP-LUX60 is equipped with an advanced sautéing/browning function key. 3 temperature levels can be chosen by toggling through the options with the “Adjust” key for best results.

“Normal”: ~160°C (320°F) for regular browning,
“More”: ~170°C (338°F) for darker browning, and
“Less”: ~105°C (221°F) for light browning.

The “Sauté” function can also be used to thicken sauces after pressure cooking, by adding 1 tsp of cornflour mixed in some water and cooking through or simply evaporating the liquid content. In fact, it can be used for anything that you would normally do in a sauce pan, e.g warming soup, reheating porridge, etc.

During sautéing, the lid needs to be opened at all time to avoid pressure building up. If the lid is closed, the display will show a flashing “Lid”. Alternatively one of the Instant Pot glass lids can be used (available later in the year) to enable you to see what is going on.

The procedure for using the “Sauté” function is as follows.

Press the “Sauté” function key.
Select a temperature with the “Adjust” key for “Normal”, “More” or “Less”.
When Instant Pot reaches the given working temperature, it displays “Hot” and you can start sautéing/browning.
One full “Sauté” session will run for 30 minutes.
You can cancel it at any time by pressing the “Cancel/Keep Warm” key and continue with a pressure cooking or slow cooking function.

The saute button can be found on the bottom left of the control panel.

Instant Pot Control Panel

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June 11th, 2014|4 Comments

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